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General occupational therapy

Early Childhood and Paediatrics (0 - 12 Years)

In the formative years from birth to age 12, children experience rapid growth and development. Our Early Childhood and Paediatrics services enhance a child's physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development.
Through a variety of specialised occupational therapy interventions, we aim to help children overcome challenges, build essential skills, and lay a strong foundation for their future. Our dedicated team of therapists uses a blend of evidence-based practices and creative approaches to nurture each child’s unique abilities and potential.

0-3 Years: Early Development

This stage focuses on nurturing sensory experiences and fundamental motor skills. Our therapy includes activities that stimulate sensory awareness and encourage basic movement patterns.

We support emerging communication skills, helping children interact more meaningfully with their environment and others.

A mother holding a baby closely, representing Brain Seeds OT's Early Childhood mobile services

4-7 Years: Growing Skills

At this stage, our focus broadens to encompass a holistic approach to development. We engage children in activities that enhance overall motor skills, develop self-care skills, encourage creative play, and foster social interactions.


Our therapy is designed to support a range of developmental needs, from assisting in daily routines to enhancing school-related skills and promoting social and emotional growth.

8-12 Years: Building Independence

This period is critical for mastering complex self-care routines and effectively navigating social scenarios.


Our therapy supports the development of higher cognitive functions, including advanced problem-solving skills, to prepare children for more complex academic and social challenges.

A mother and school-aged child with a laptop, symbolising Brain Seed's mobile OT services for school aged children
Mother and child holding hands, representing Brain Seeds OT's mobile paediatric services in Sydney

Enhancing independence in autism

We're here not just to teach skills, but to nurture growth, independence, and to celebrate neurodiversity in every aspect of children's lives.

Occupational Therapy can...

Spoon and fork symbolising the building of self-care skills in childhood with Brain Seed OT's mobile therapy services

Develop self care mastery

We focus on nurturing essential self-care skills. This includes helping children with tasks like toileting, dressing, eating, and grooming

Teach play skills

A toy car, symbolising the development of play skills at Brain Seed's mobile OT paediatric services

Play is the language of children, and we tap into its incredible potential. Our therapy enriches imaginative play while fostering positive social interactions.

Enhance social skills

Colorful handprints representing social skills development through Brain Seed OT's mobile services

Navigating social landscapes can be complex for children with autism. We gently guide them (not force) in learning social cues, improving interactions with peers, and building lasting friendships. 

Foster emotional regulation

Teddy bear representing emotional regulation development through Brain Seed's mobile OT services

We help children recognise different emotions and equip them with strategies to manage them effectively. This is key to helping them feel more in control and at ease in their daily lives.

Promote sensory processing

Pastel puzzle mats representing sensory regulation improvement services through Brain Seed OT's mobile services

We work on sensory modulation, helping them manage sensitivities or overstimulation by developing coping strategies. Our aim is to make their world a more comfortable and enjoyable place.

Boost motor skills

A skipping rope, representing motor skill development at Brain Seed OT's mobile services

We assist in developing these skills through fun and engaging activities, making tasks like writing or playing sports easier and more enjoyable.

Case study on James, highlighting OT service success in Sydney through Brain Seed's mobile services.

Case study: Jacob's journey with Brain Seed

Jacob, an imaginative 6-year-old with autism, experiences the world intensely. His heightened senses turn everyday stimuli into overwhelming experiences, from the harsh glare of fluorescent lights to the rough texture of clothing, making his daily life challenging. This sensory sensitivity often leads to anxiety, impacting his comfort in typical settings.

In social scenarios, Jacob has difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication, creating hurdles in connecting with peers and family. Misinterpreting social cues and struggling to maintain eye contact, he finds himself on the outskirts of playgroups, wanting to join in but unsure how to engage.

Despite these challenges, Jacob is a child full of potential, with unique strengths and interests. He has an exceptional memory and a keen interest in dinosaurs, able to name and describe dozens of different species in great detail.


  • What is Brain Seed's approach?
    Our therapy approach is goal-focused and evidence-based. We collaborate with clients and their families to identify key areas for development, setting clear goals to work towards increased independence in those areas. Our methods may involve working on underlying skills, such as improving hand-eye coordination to engage in ball games, or focusing directly on the task itself, like teaching step-by-step processes for getting dressed or cooking.
  • What makes Brain Seed different?
    We address common challenges in occupational therapy with our unique approach. While some practices that may rely heavily on standardised programs, we emphasise personalised, context-specific strategies. We avoid pitfalls like insufficient client involvement in goal setting or neglecting the latest research in our field. Instead, we prioritise collaborative goal-setting with clients and their families, focusing on practical outcomes that matter to them.
  • What areas does Brain Seed service?
    We provide mobile occupational therapy services across Sydney's Inner West, South-West, CBD, and Lower North Shore suburbs. We operate in a 30 minute radius from our home in Petersham. Additionally, our Telehealth services are available Australia-wide. Please contact us directly to find out if we service your specific location.
  • How much does therapy cost?
    Therapy services are priced at $193.99 per hour for all clients, regardless of their funding source. For NDIS clients, there is an additional one-way travel charge, calculated based on the NDIS rate. This means the travel cost is proportional to the distance traveled to provide the service. Additional charges apply for report writing, communication with stakeholders such as support coordinators and other therapists, and for the time spent creating customised resources for therapy.
  • How do I know if my child needs OT?
    Determining if your child needs occupational therapy involves observing their daily activities and development. Look for signs such as difficulties with coordination, challenges in playing or socialising with peers, trouble with daily tasks like dressing or eating, or delays in reaching developmental milestones. Behavioural issues or unusual responses to sensory experiences can also be indicators. If you notice any of these signs, or if you have concerns about your child’s development, it’s a good idea to consult with an occupational therapist for an evaluation. We always encourage concerned parents to call our practice to speak with a Senior Occupational Therapist, free of charge and obligation.
  • Where does therapy take place?
    Therapy is designed to fit your lifestyle. We offer in-home sessions, as well as sessions at childcare centers, schools, or any other convenient community locations. For those who prefer or need remote services, we also provide Telehealth sessions via Zoom.

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